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Surveillance systems

Surveillance systems

MicroTech offers the most extensive portfolio of advanced video security technologies.

Intelligent Traffic Solution (ITS)

An intelligent transportation system (ITS) is an advanced application

Network Solutions (Wired-Wireless technology).

Network solutions (Wired & Wireless technologies)

MicroTech offers intelligent network technologies and it creates unique options for its clients.

Solar cell panels and UPS

The most sophisticated solar cell panels and UPS.



Fire Alarm Systems

MicroTech offers the latest technology of fire alarm systems

access control system

Access Control Systems

Access Control System are the most commonly used system to control entry into exterior doors of buildings.



Parking Management System

The car carking management system will enable us to make more efficient use of available spaces by controlling vehicle access at key entrances.


Metal detectors

(Gates - Xray - Handheld Sticks)

Queuing and Time attendance systems.

The Attendance System is used to monitor the attendance and movement of employees within their working hours.