MicroTech for electronic & security systems is a leading company in the fields of advanced technology and smart security solutions. MicroTech was established in 2008 by the pioneers who first introduced the electronic system solutions, integrated system solutions and smart solutions. We represent the top leading manufacturers in the field of electronic and security solutions. We are the most trusted agent distributor for multiple major international brands. We also have a tremendous background and references from previously done mega-projects. Finally, we care about after selling process not only selling, because our main concern is customer satisfaction and our reputation.


In MicroTech we are consistently doing our best to overcome any existent or upcoming challenges that could face us, and we divide those challenges into weaknesses and threats. Moreover, MicroTech has a professional team that is working rapidly on gathering all the information needed in improving and conducting the most effective and efficient decisions, that could be implemented to avoid each obstacles adequately.

Intelligent Solutions

MicroTech offers brilliant security solutions precisely to each client’s needs. In order to be able to grantee safety and security in public areas, we introduce solutions that offer real time surveillance cameras, that enhance the protection process of people and properties, which reduce damages, simplify investigations, and above all make it possible for more people to take advantage of opportunities presented by this smart solutions.


MicroTech works on several types of electronics and security systems like, (Parking management systems, Sound and video systems, Metal detectors (Gates – X-Ray – Handheld sticks), Intelligent traffic solutions (ITS), Full surveillance systems, Queuing and time attendance systems, Fire alarms, Access controls, Solar cells and UPS Network solutions (Wired-Wireless technologies).