who we are

MicroTech for electronic & security systems is leading company in the fields of advanced technology and smart security solutions. Established in 2008 by the pioneers who first introduced the electronic system solution, integrated system solution, smart solutions. Represent the leading manufactures in the field of electronic and security solutions. We are the agent’s distributor ship for major international brands (Eurovision, ZKtech, Aventura, HST, Honeywell, Garrett) A unique technology platform by our integrated systems and techniques we do. We have a great background from reference real projects. -We care about after selling process not only selling. - Our real benefit is customer satisfaction and our reputation .


High quality products. Compatibility system. Secure the security systems. Cost and benefits. Stability and reliability.

Intelligent Solutions

MicroTech offers security solution in order to the unique challenges that we face at the present time ,night and day ,it is about being able to grantee safety and security in public places .
Solution that offer real time surveillance camera in demanding environments
Increase the protection of people and property which reduces cost of damage ,simplifies investigation and above all make it possible for more people to take advantage of opportunities presented by this smart solution


Parking Management System. Sound And Video System Metal debtor (gates - x ray - hand held) Intelligent Traffic Solution (ITS) Surveillance system Queuing and time Attendance System Fire Alarm System Access Control System Solar cell and UPS Network Solutions (Wired-Wireless technology).